About Us

About the Sole Sisters

In 2013, Sole Sisters was created to empower women to cross finish lines.  We are a non-profit organization which strives to support and inspire women to train and complete an event by removing emotional, financial and material barriers to physical activity.  By setting a goal of completing an endurance event and with peer support, women realize their inner strength and see their potential.

This experience, with the support of other women, can set individuals on a path to healthier lifestyles and greater accomplishments by gaining a new appreciation for their own value and strengths.

Executive Board, 2018

  • President — Donna Messina
  • Vice President — Pamela Lauroff
  • Treasurer — Amy Kam
  • Secretary — Liz Margosian

Organizations and Programs We Support

Sole Sisters looks to support organizations and programs that are empowering woman on all levels.  Some organizations we’ve supported include: