In 2013, Sole Sisters was created by a group of women who wanted to support other women in various stages and seasons of life. Our mission, empowering women  through physical activity, has led us to create the Sole Sisters Scholarship, which will assist women who have set the goal to complete a running event, but may not have the proper support system in place or know where to begin.

Sole Sisters Scholarship recipients are new to the 10k or half marathon distance and will receive a scholarship and training support to complete either the Gazelle Girl 10k or Gazelle Girl Half Marathon on April 14, 2019. The scholarship package includes:
• Entry into either the Gazelle Girl 10K or Half Marathon
• Training gear
• Training schedule with group activities
• Mentor/peer support
• Boutique experience

If you are chosen as a reward recipient, you agree to the following:
• Signing a liability waiver
• Attending 90% of the group activities

Click the link below to download the scholarship application!

2019 Scholarship Application>