Since 2013, Sole Sisters has worked to provide opportunities for women to build their self confidence and find empowerment through physical activity, as well as, eliminate barriers to accessing physical activity.

Sole Sisters Scholarship

  • Awarded in December for women to train for the Gazelle Girl 5k, 10k or Half Marathon.
  • Scholarship includes a 5 month training program and clinic, peer support, athletic clothing, athletic shoes, entry into the event and a personal image consultation.

Sole Sisters Closet

  • A gently used athletic clothing collection for women.
  • The Closet has supported the YWCA of West Michigan, Girls Rock – GR Urban League, STARS and Sole Sister Scholarship Recipients.
  • If you are interested in having the Closet come to your group or know of someone who is training but may not be able to afford proper gear, please use the “Contact Us” button to reach out to us.

Community Engagement

  • Focusing on volunteerism and community outreach to support other organizations working to empower women

Women Specific Training Groups

  • Training schedules, clinics and support to ensure that you are achieving your personal goal whether it’s to complete your first event or achieve a personal best.
    • Running/Walking – January through May (Gazelle Girl Event, 5/3 Riverbank, Bayshore Half Marathon)
    • Triathlon – April through June (Greenville Sprint Triathlon, Grand Rapids Sprint Triathlon)
    • Cycling – May through July
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